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I know this feeling exactly and precisely. Sometimes I can’t speak or be spoken too or I’ll just overflow. My heart will leak.


Jason Castro – “Let’s Just Fall In Love Again”

I’ll call you in three days,
Not too soon, not too late,
And I’ll ask your roommate if you’re home.
You call me on Thursday,
And we’ll hang out all day,
Then fall asleep on the phone.

I first heard this guy on Canadian Idol and liked his happy go lucky sound.

A good day(s)

One day was especially awesome this week, but now I can’t remember whether it was Wednesday or Thursday so I’m just writing it all down.

1. Francis couldn’t put on her shoes because her pants were so tight she couldn’t reach her feet, so I helped her out. All her other friends were just laughing at her. We write stick note notes to each other sometimes and dance in the hallway. 1 2 3 4 kick, turn, 1 2 3 4 kick, turn la la la.

2. Psychology was first thing in the morning thursday and I was really excited for it. We were basically taking personality quizzes and talking to our friends about stuff. I also got paired with Katie, who I realized is really cool.

3. Calc on Wednesday was story problems which I quite enjoyed but Thursday consisted of a brand new (and hilarious) muppets music video and grad check. I have a plethora of credits, so no problems there. Afterwards I went down to the counselling office and copied down the scholarships that deadlines are approaching for. Mr. Taylor suggested I take a picture but my camera was upstairs so I just toughed it out. There was another teacher I don’t know there and he was asking me about what I wanted to do so I explained nanotechnology to him a bit. Mr. Taylor told him I was very bright and the other guy asked my name so that he could watch out for it in the future. Then they joked a bit about how they’ll have helped me graduate and they can brag about that in the future while i finished copying the scholarships down.

4. Amanda recruited me to ring the bell with her for Salvation Army which will be fun.

5. In art I sat with Riz and Leppe as usual and worked on a new monotone watercolour drawing which was coming along quite nicely. (I finished it today!) Leppe gave me some chocolate as well.

6. In physics I did better on the quiz than I had expected. For one question I actually used a technique other than kinematics or conversation of energy. Momentum. It actually worked but I forgot one negative which skewed my answer. We also took notes on the new unit and me and Mike drew some funny pictures I posted already. On Friday Mr. Whalen said we’d earned a movie day so we watched the first part of 2012, which was interesting to say the least.

7. Choir was fun on Wednesday, and better yet I was invited to Jane’s house for tacos afterwards. I got a tour of the house. Her grandfather made a really cool marble machine, you know that marbles go down and it looks cool and theirs the odd noise? They’re cool contraptions and Jane and I had a lot of fun playing with this one. We then played a game with trains in it with her brother which was also quite enjoyable.

8. There was ‘The Dance’ on Thursday.

9. I went out to dinner with Jordo and his parents and the Grossmans. They’re all pretty lovely people. Best coincidence ever: Hairy Dave and his German exchange student came their for dinner and I got to say hi. I missed Dave so much, he’s one of those people I just feel safer and happier having around.

10. Jordan got really excited about the parade, which made me smile even though I was a bit cold and stiff. It was still fun to watch the floats for a bit and try and spot people I know.

11. Dana is here for the weekend! Hurray!

Understand this: that love is a religion of birds, of restlessness, of flight. Of moving somewhere warmer when the cold sets in, of longing, of leaving, of being the one left behind, of feathers, of an empty nest in the heart of winter, nestled in some firm elbow of brittle branches that stopped reaching for the sky when the last leaf fell, bleak against a landscape of blacks and whites and greys save for one little piece of red string, tucked lovingly among the twigs, so dutifully gathered, piece by piece, by a creature who had seen winters before, but made a home for himself here anyway.

You’re a muffin!

I quite enjoy Amanda’s classification system for people.

If you’re in choir you’re a muffin

If you’re in vocal jazz you’re a cupcake

If you’re in band you’re a pancake

If you’re in jazz band you’re a crepe

and last but not least

If you’re a drama geek you’re a waffle

that makes me a waffle muffin!

Have you ever noticed that all women’s problems start with men? MENstruating, MENopause… MENtal breakdown….

Ashley, in psychology