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I love Skype. I love Emily.

Don’t say “What?” as if it’s us who are abnormal!


I have noticed that if you look carefully at people’s eyes the first five seconds they look at you, the truth of their feelings will shine through for just an instant before it flickers away.

~ The Secret Life of Bees (via gatekeeper)

I’ve never cried so hard over a story in my life. I kept wishing there was some way everything could work out. It seems so unfair. It’s a beautiful story, but heartbreaking.


Dr. Horrible
I just had to post this for you :p

Dr. Horrible is my hero even more than NPH is =) <3

I used to be a little ice girl

with stained cheeks

and a cold mouth

my skin soft and pale

but now I’m of fire

tangled sheets and ragged breathing

as the sweat pours

and nightmares consume


how did they make Zepplins?

This reminds me of giant air ships from my storybooks. Filled with Hydrogen and lighter than air, finding secret islands with bird, dragon, bear creatures and caves that smell of mangos. A craft with the same sort of poetry as a sailing ship.

(via blacketgold)

I watched Little Miss Sunshine in psychology. The moments between Dwayne and Frank mean the most to me. Somehow through their combined misery theres this touch of affection. Dwayne is kind of drowning in himself, in his mission, and well, the whole family is quite dysfunctional. Frank tried to commit suicide, but he’s not hopeless about his nephew. He’s just there, laying things out as they are, with more optimism then you’d think. When Dwayne finally starts talking again, it’s to Frank that he really opens up. The movies is called Little Miss Sunshine, so I expected it to be about the little girl, Olive. But I really found this the most interesting and meaningful relationship.