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Water Girl

Madison at Tipi Camp

(fits in to section TWO of my sketchbook re-amped project)

Nightmare Child (section 2)

Lovely Esper

(fits in to category two of my re-amping sketchbook project)

I started a project this weekend. I went through the pages of my current sketchbook and found all the drawings I had given up on and didn’t like. Then I separated them in to three categories (in my mind.)

1) Pages with a few pencil marks that can be erased and turned back in to blank usable pages

2) Drawings that are too much work to erase, or impossible to erase, that I don’t like very much, that I can draw over with pastels or collage over

3) Pages which have aspects I like that I can incorporate in to a new design

This was one of the only pages that fell within category three. I started out only with the face, and made a pattern of sorts with some tin foil, pieces of envelopes, and felt pens.

My sweet friend Eowyn


It’s amazing how everything in my life is being tied together right now. As much as I hate to admit it, the driving force behind all these new connections are the thousand and one scholarship and application forms I’ve been filling out (okay, maybe that was a bit of an exageration), especially the AIF for Waterloo Engineering. Having to write down all my goals and activities and intents and qualities and beliefs and dreams in so many contexts, combinations etc. really helps me understand my passions and my self. Strangely enough, I’m not using a lot of what I’ve learned in science class in these mini-essays. I’m writing about concepts from science fiction books and content from shows on quantum mechanics, critical thinking from psychology and the importance of wonder from philosophy. I feel like I’m summarizing everything that matters to me, everything I’m passionate and intrigued by, and then, because of all the editing, I end up with a very concentrated version of what I want out of life. Interestingly enough, most of what I’m writing about are pretty recent discoveries of mine. It makes me wonder what I’ll be learning about in a year or two. You can discover so much, so fast in this world, partly by accident, it’s astounding. I plan to make the most out of it.

Also, even though I haven’t had English class all year, and I haven’t had much time or inspiration for writing poetry or short stories, I feel like I’m getting enough time playing around with words for the time being.

Philosophy is the best class ever

I have the most exciting project idea for tomorrow. I already talked to the teacher about it today and I think he’s a bit excited as well. Right now I want to keep it top secret, but I’ll sure to update you on how it all goes.

Anyways, today we were working on questions by ourselves, 16 of them. Everything from explaining why you do or don’t believe in god to whats more real, your chair or your perceptions of your chair. All these half formed ideas that have been floating around in my head for years seem to surface in that class. Putting them in to context and proper words helps them grow. I think I was wired to think this way, to be able to think this way, and I’m so grateful.

I love philosophy. I love ideas. I love the unexplainable. I love logic. Surprisingly, I also am a bit in love with the combination of students in this class, from the religious to the pessimistic to the palm readers. I think we all really want to be there, or at least almost all of us, and in that way we complement each other nicely. We’re unique, in fact there’s extremes in every direction, but we’re still bound together somehow.