Monthly Archives: March 2010

I am full of so much nervous energy right now. I just got my placement letter for shad though which is very exciting! I think I am actually happier when I am busy then when I have a lot of spare time. Even if I forget that during stressful moments.

Wild Bunnies Spotted at Ladner Police Station!

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This is the hardest part of religion for me to stomach

My great grandmother found this lovely old copy of Alice in Wonderland. It caused me to dream about alternate realities. It really is the most brilliant piece of self-assured nonsense I’ve ever read. I mean that as a high compliment.

Staring down a wolf at Northern House in Vancouver during Olympic fever

Remember way back when I said that there was a girl at my school who stood out because she looked like a model? Funny story, she actually is a model! Here’s her online portfolio, I especially like this look.

This is my favourite of the cards I’ve made this year. It was for my friend Seth’s 18th birthday. The theme of his party was having everything in groups of 18. Since he’s really into (and awesome at) photography I drew 18 different types of cameras (there are two inside and one on the back.