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I was just on Goodreads, looking at the ‘best covers of 2010’ when I noticed the following cover was pretty high up on the list.

I found this quite humorous because I have a book called Luna. While my copy doesn’t have the following cover, while looking Luna up online I have seen:

All the subtle changes to do with cropping, colour etc. do little to disguise these books have the same cover picture.

I would totally wear these

The guy singing here, Sam Tsui, is an amazing singer. He has really cool versions of ‘fireflies’ and ‘don’t stop believing’ where he sang all the different vocal parts and layered them over each other. When I saw this Katie Perry song I remembered one day doing my chemistry homework in front of my computer last year and just listening to the music video on youtube over and over again. 🙂 The actor who plays the love interest is Matt Dallas, from Kyle XY. It was one of those songs that just grips me. It’s sort of tragic and beautiful, at least portrayed by the video. Maybe just tragic.


This track sounds just like kids singing, but it’s really special to me because these are kids I love and try to watch over when I can. Also, because Lowry Olafson is AWESOME and I got to partake in a similar song writing workshop with him several years ago.

It’s awesome, so awesome,
This feeling of love.
It’s awesome, so awesome,
Like it comes from up above.

Love is a dream,
Love changes everything,
Floats like the clouds
On a summer day.
High in the sky,
There’s enough for everyone,
Open up your heart,
Love leads the way.


Starts with a smile,
Love spreads so easily,
All across the world,
When we care.
We’re all here
To share the love around,
You can find it everywhere,
Love is in the air.