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“If you want to be a better programmer, take up the violin.”

This is a really interesting article about the differences between how engineering, science and math are taught in the US and how professionals in those disciplines actually work. (Please click on the photo to be redirected to the article)

The best chemistry comic I have seen thus far.


(by Old Chum)

I swear I’ve drempt of this tree-house before

Is it just me or do you get dreams about zombie apocalypse ALL THE TIME?!


Cheese, cheese, cheese on a moon.

I don’t even know what I’m saying…


Do you WANT to suck up fish when you’re trying to put out a fire?!? Fish don’t smother fire.


Dear Merriam-Webster,


You can suck it, because he is the definition of love. And its root. And its origin.


His synonym

Almendra is so clever, and my favourite and also may laugh at the fact that I totally dreamed about tumblr in between dreaming about sleeping late and missing my Chemistry tutorial and learning about the Photoelectric Effect from the guy who discovered it in a thrift store with a demonstration that makes no sense now that I’m awake and then being chased (what?). Anyways, lets not actually be late for chemistry, kay?