Monthly Archives: March 2012

Since I’m sick in bed today, my day consisted primarily of the following three activities:

1. coughing

2. organizing and adding to itunes the bounty of music that has been provided to me through dropbox for the past 7 months

3. googling Kristina Horner, and to a lesser extent both Alex Day and Luke Conard. Okay, I know her personal life and break ups are not really any of my business, but humans are naturally curious about one another’s lives right? I think Kristina seems downright lovely in her youtube videos. I love both the song Hey Kristina, and Mrs. Nerimon, largely to the adorable factor. I have watched some of Alex’s videos, and especially looked into some with Kristina in them, but I am not as much of a fan. I absolutely love Sondre Lerche and this song though, and their voices harmonize beautifully.I also enjoy Luke Conard’s music videos, and watch his vlogs when I’m out of other subscriptions sometimes. I think his current gf, Ingrid, is also very sweet and I enjoy her videos despite not being that into makeup, or like even brushing my hair. However, the videos of Luke and Kristina when they were dating are some of my favourites, and looking back on two peoples lives, two people who I don’t even know, and feeling the way I do is an interesting phenomenon. I have an upcoming blog post that will maybe delve deeper into this pondering.

I find it peculiar and strangely and wonderfully human that I can feel  nostalgic for a past that is not even mine.

Okay Tumblr, you won



I’ll watch Sherlock. I’ll do it, okay? You can calm down now.

#Homoerotic Watercolours

^^ Reblogging for the tag
and the water colours

You were one small piece in the bombardment from every person I have followed ever, simultaneous switching to fanart and gif mode and ceasing all other forms of content.

Love you <3

I got  new lipgloss (02 love goss shade: golden coral) and lipstick (14 coverglide lip colour shade: pink ginger) from the body shop today! My webcam approves 🙂