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I posted this on twitter first, but I still love you most, sweet tumblr.

Clueless Drinking Game


– Cher says “as if”
-Dionne wears a weird hat
-Cher says “dadddyy”
-Cher has a hissy fit
-Elton flirts with Cher
-Cher is “clueless”
-Ty flirts with Elton
-Elton is a jerk
-Christian is obviously gay
-high socks
-Cher is a terrible driver
-someone has a nose job
-Amber is a dick
-Ty is dumb

This sounds like a fantastic way to torture Adam 😀

I mean, watching the dictator would probably be a fair trade.

Clueless <3

While putting a friends birthday into my google calendar I was reminded of an old friend’s birthday calendar. I remember when I was young looking at all the dates and people remembered there, added year after year. There was something special that technology seems to miss a little. Oh sweet nostalgia, bittersweet, fond memory.


I got twitter


A+++, would scroll again.



Sit down, breathe deep, take a moment.

oh I needed that

This is perfect for my attention span.

This is just perfect:



fun. | Call Me Maybe (cover)

Current favorite band and current favorite song. Mind blown.

Not the best rendition. BUT STILL GUYS.

Could not not reblog. Fun was my favorite band last fall. Call me maybe is a trending pop song I sang at CUTC with my friends to strangers on a scavenger hunt and listened to on repeat to finish my work term report. The song sounds so much more meaningful in this voice.

I don’t want to write my work term report.

I wish I did it earlier.

I feel stressed about organizing things, and completing the large number of tasks I feel are imposed on me right now (mostly by myself.)

I am tired.

I made the choices that led to me not being finished this despite it being due in 16 hours.

I am not even close.

I am frustrated by the format.

I am frustrated by being unsure of the marking criteria.

I feel like my writing is too informal, and I don’t know what tense to use. Everything just sounds awkward.

There are so many words in my document but are they the right ones?

I don’t want to deal with images and captions and lists of tables.

I do not want to hunt down a ‘non-internet’ resource.

How do you site blogs in IEEE format?