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I met this guy at VidCon and had a very brief conversation with him. He’s been ahead of the curve with pretty much everything he’s ever done on the internet since the beginning, and while he’s a successful guy, he’s never been about using what he knows to become a billionaire. He’s extremely smart and very excited about online video, and I was honored to have him at the conference.

In this talk, he discusses the problems with our economy, how cable companies complain about us letting them sell our content for free, and what a vibrant and exciting community YouTube is. Charlie is his favored example…which is good because Charlie is also my favored example. 

Carve out 25 minutes for this at some point, it’s a wonderful and refreshing look at the world and how to be a part of it. Very inspiring.

Extremely interesting video.

So due to all the cute gifs and quotes from the bachelorette I started watching the most recent season. That is how I stumbled upon People Water. I really love their business model, and the way they’re showing that companies can give back in a genuine and meaningful way. Their company is founded on the idea of ‘giving a drop for a drop’. You buy their bottled water and they will contribute to building sustainable water projects in areas of the world where clean water is inaccessible. In addition they partner with other charities that do things such as repair and maintain wells. You can check out more at


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im sorry rosie youve been a good friend

This is what happens when you’re grammatically ambiguity people. People throw out perfectly good childhood friends.


alt text: “I had a hard time with Ayn Rand because I found myself enthusiastically agreeing with the first 90% of every sentence, but getting lost at ‘therefore, be a huge asshole to everyone.”

Calendar Complete

A little thing after a long day of not doing much, but it still feels good.

Got some water (for drinking, not choking on, as pointed out by the boyfriend) and ready to tackle that assignment.

I’ll draw you a pretty picture when I’m done 😀


Today I slept in.

I got sucked into the internet and put off tasks with tight deadlines and my own organizational plans.

I find that once something has been put off for even a short period of time it’s much harder to start.

MUCH harder.

And today I have been beating myself up about this whole process, despite not feeling great physically, and dealing with some anxiety.

The phrase “it’s never too late” sort of throws my brain in to an anxious, frantic, realist, argumentative place. And I don’t know if I’m quite ready to move on from the days disappointment, but it’s time to let it go a little bit.

We are not just the sum of our actions. And sometimes things are more difficult then they outwardly appear. Or sometimes we just don’t feel strong, or motivated or ready to tackle challenges.

Right now I feel pretty low, but I know that if I start tackling those problems I’ve been putting off I’ll start to feel better. I know because it’s happened many times before, and that I will be able to gain a feeling of worth and achievement that will help me forgive myself for past mistakes.

Maybe it is too late to do everything perfectly, but I can still set reasonable priories, and no matter how much I say I don’t feel like doing something or that I just don’t want to it’s ultimately my choice what I do with my time, and what attitude I decide to face my decisions with.

So the moment is now and the plan is this.

1. Finish recording activities in my Calendar because it will help me achieve a sense of piece in relation to remembering what I do, and hopefully keep track of my time (whether fixating on recording day to day details is important is not important tonight – lots of people journal, and recording and reflecting can be very positive)

2. My materials assignment because I can do it, and it isn’t a super long assignment.

3. Reassess because I have another assignment to do, but my health is important too, and having the option to decide whether I want to complete it or accept the consequences of not completing it will help me reclaim the control that I feel I’ve lost when I’m overwhelmed.

This is reasonable. I am okay. I can do this.

Thanks for helping me regain my motivation tumblr. <3

The book detail from this project.