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Happy Working NEw LOOK BOOK with  Ffion Atkinson

Check her work:

for Ohh Deer Jumpers


Reblogging because I don’t know if Maya would forgive me for not showing her a triangle cat shirt.


Sorry about earlier guys. I decided to make this for my family so they actually know what to do when I’m like that.

All the cat videos for Maya!

This is my friend Maya’s art and people should give her credit because t is awesome and she is awesome and stealing other peoples work is not awesome.


I made this stamp set inspired by Hazel Grace Lancaster and Augustus Waters. I think they turned out really cute, especially as a print or as little speech bubbles.

It’s now for sale on Etsy if you want to check it out.

Hey guys, I posted some more stuff at my Etsy shop!

I updated my bio

For pretty much the first time ever besides changing my age and adding a link to youtube at some point.

Isn’t change terrifying?


Pretty sure yes.

Anyways this is what you used to be able to read about me:

Here lay the thoughts, dreams, memories, drawings, poems and inspirations of a 19 year old who likes books, string theory, colourful socks and laughter

I don’t have Twitter but I have YouTubez

And here is what you can now read about me:

Here lay the thoughts, opinions, artistic and scientific endeavors, anxieties, hopes, and inspirations of a 20 year old who likes books, evolving education, design, and ‘ah-ha’ moments.

Oh, and Etsy.

Social Media


Big deal, right guys?


Hey Nerdfighters!

A while ago I made some DFTBA and nerdfighter gang sign stamps stamps, and some people requested them (I am sorry I forget who you are).

They are now for sale in my new etsy shop, in the Stamps – Nerdfighteria section!

Check them out here!

Check out Cool Stuff I Want to Buy, my new etsy shop!

I am posting this again because I fixed the grey writing to be black.

It was previously posted here: