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A Blog About My Eating Disorder



It’s National Eating Disorder Awareness Week so it feels like the appropriate time to talk about why I’ve been on vacation from this blog for the last month.

I dunno. The bulk of it is that I have an eating disorder. My brain just does not work like a normal person’s. I am smart and I can (and have) read about nutrition and coping techniques and gotten all the self knowledge I want to from going to therapy and writing about my life all the time, but none of that was making my ED any more manageable. It wasn’t manageable, and as time went on it got worse and worse.

I went on my first diet when I was in Kindergarten. I remember asking people if they thought I was fat around that time. In high school I realized it felt really good to just skip meals. I wouldn’t eat anything for days, I’d go to hockey practice after school and feel SO powerful that I could exert so much energy that wasn’t coming from anywhere but what I thought was sheer will. Then I’d go home and eat everything in the kitchen because I’d be shaking and dizzy. I’d make up for it by puking or getting up and over exercising in the morning or just by feeling shitty and worthless indefinitely.

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This is a really touching story from one of my favourite bloggers talking about their experiences with mental illness and what helped and didn’t and how it didn’t really all make sense but they’re still improving and grateful.

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Really love this


It’s a joke just like communism <3

Happy Valentines to you too maya <3





Awesome protests erupted in my school today. Our student council planned a “fun” game for valentines day. They handed out paper hearts to every girl at the beginning of the day. Only the girls. If a girl speaks to a guy through the duration of the day, she has to give him her heart. Guys get five raffle tickets for every heart they collect. Girls cannot collect hearts, they only have one to give away, and guys do not have to give away anything. A gay male asked for a heart to give away to participate and was told no.

Some girls have taken this as an invitation to say things such as, quoted from twitter, “keeping the whores from talking today haha.” And boasting about “keeping their heart and not being a whore.” This has turned into an excuse to shame each other for talking to guys. And for what? A valentines game?

Rather than writing their names on the hearts and giving them away, many girls have written notes of protest on the paper hearts and are wearing them proudly as they associate with whoever they please and refuse to give the heart away.

Proud of some of the people in my school today.

males are rewarded for collecting female “hearts” and are encouraged to collect as many as they possibly can, but females are only allowed to have one heart to give away, and when they give it away they’re not allowed to play anymore

the correlation of “hearts” to how virginity/sex is treated in society is kind of eerie and definitely sexist

Wow, that’s disgusting.


We played this game at my school in grade 10 and it sucked. “Apparently” we alternate between guys and girls getting the hearts every year but I don’t remember that ever happening.

Good job girls, good job.


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Love these!


This is the squirrel and his bag of nuts. I like that he paused in his work (his job is to move nuts) to pose for this picture. He looks like Mr. Burns here, don’t you think? 

mildlyannoyedrabbits is back everyone! And she has a squirrel friend!

Yay yay yay yay

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