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Another design I made for threadless! Waiting for it to be approved at the moment.

I love hedgehogs!


That’s what I wanted to show you yesterday. If it gets approved ill let you know so you can vote on it 🙂

PS My tablet works so good!

Another design I made for threadless! Waiting for it to be approved at the moment.

I love hedgehogs!

who taught you
that the
value of a woman
is the ratio
of her waist
to her hips
and the circumference
of her buttocks
and the volume
of her lips?
Your math
dangerously wrong
her value
nothing less

‘Greater than’ by Della Hicks-Wilson (via sayyestotreats)


“I choose to.”

“When can I start?”

“I can take one small step.”

“I can be perfectly human.”

“I must take time to play.”

Reminders from Chapter 3 of the Now Habit by Neil Fiore decorated with the feather stamps I made and some feather drawings.

Reminders to self

I squealed out loud

All opinions are not equal. Some are a very great deal more robust, sophisticated and well supported in logic and argument than others.

Douglas Adams (via quantumaniac)

What have you been doing in the last few weeks?

I have been watching HGTV non stop an drawing designs for cards and threadless submissions. Lots of ideas for projects have been logging my brain. I also spent 20ish hours (so far) trying to move my email from my pc to my Mac (god DAMN). I also have been playing a living card game called Android: Netrunner on weekends as biking to work during the week. I watched the entirety of GIRLS and rewatched some romantic comedies on Netflix/cable. I also have been trying to cook and sleep more but that’s still a ways off. Keeping up with etsy orders and trying to talk to more of my friends I’ve been out of touch with. Now my phone is putting me on emotional roller coaster through shuffled music while I ride the train. I also bought some furniture for the first time and have been looking at apartments a lot online simultaneously feeling like an adult and not at all one.


The Fault in Our Stars by *Loorae  

Are you going to age with grace?
Are you going to age without me?
When oh – oblivion is calling out my name. 

A TFIOS fanart in dedication of an amazingly impressive story. 

This may be my favourite hazel drawing of them all

Hey guys, I made this design for a threadless iPhone case. Any feedback before I submit it?