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Photography Class 3

Model: Arashdeep Chahal

I like to contemplate the universe, it doesn’t make me deep, it just makes me distracted sometimes.

Art History Prof

Photography Class 3

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Photography Assignment 2 -Nerd/Rockstar Portraits. What do you guys think? Did I succeed in getting the point across without props or should I reshoot making it more obvious?

For the nerd portrait I was going for front on lighting, similar to a school portrait. I wanted a very open friendly vibe, and an enthusiastic expression. For the rockstar portrait I wanted to utilize dark shadows to create a moody atmosphere. In this portrait the model is disengaged with the camera, instead lost in introspection.

I know the most obvious way to get the point across would be to add glasses and a guitar, but I really wanted to use lighting to communicate the differences in these two personalities or personas. So I only employed subtle styling in the form of shirt choice and hair messiness.

However after my roommate showed me her friends rock-star portrait from a previous year employing setting, props and a more dynamic pose I’m unsure of my decision. I guess I still feel like I learned more doing it this way since it was my first time adjusting lights and trying to manipulate shadows etc. Anyways feedback would be awesome. Thanksssss.


Photography Class 3

Model: Joyce Diep

Photography Class 4 – Light Painting

This is definitely my favourite shot from the day.