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Still think these are the coolest.


Someone should invent lenses that can be popped out and fit into a bunch of different frames. Because these would be so fun but not maybe the best for every job interview or every outfit ever. And you could just get multiple pairs of glasses but they’re expensive and over half of that is the lenses so bah.


Aww yes I hope we can do this again soon Kamilah last time was so fun!

(Send me an ask and tell me what we would do if we hung out in real life!)

Love you


My bee bowl! This is my most favourite thing I’ve made this semester in ceramics. But there’s things a-cookin’ in the kiln right now.

My friend made a pretty thing

When you realize everyone else left the lecture hall but you stayed cause its nice and quiet and you need to finish analyzing photography asap.


Nerdfighteria has had a pretty bad week, so here’s a little present.  I decided to expand upon my TFIOS cover, and do the others in John’s core four.

It only took me about 3-4 days with little sleep to draw everything from scratch.
(Probably still WIP, knowing me)

Now back to working on my own book, I guess.

These are gorgeous