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I went to Ireland a couple weeks ago to give a speech at University College Dublin. The students sent me a video clip from the portion of my speech where I took a member of the audience and demonstrated my approach and interview process. For those of you who are curious about such things, it’s a fun video and provides a pretty nice summation:

Great resource for anyone getting into street photography


“West coast Wild Fennel”
michelle morin

Videos from Drawing Class



For anyone who’s curious what sort of videos that you might watch in a first year drawing class when attending school for Graphic Design, here’s a list. Mostly showcases of specific designers with a heavy emphasis on simplification of form, hand lettering, and icons.

Designer Paula Scher

Designer Illustrator Milton Glaser

Designer Illustrator James Victore

Designer Stefan Sagmeister

Designer David Carson

Pentagram Design company

Designer Illustrator Andrew Lewis

Where’s My Vote? Posters for Green Movement in Iran

Graphic Designer & Illustrator Artist Luba Lukova Vimeo/YouTube

Luba Lukova about poster design and artwork: 1 2

Design agency House Industries about the importance of drawing, design, hand lettering and handwritten text/type


A few more to add:

Noma Bar – Graphic Storytelling

Christoph Niemann – Visual Reduction

Last set of Vids. I haven’t watched these one due to end of term exhaustion craziness but I’m just going to put them here so I don’t forget about em.

Illustrators, A Documentary

The Art of Illustration

Anita Kunz Idea City 2004

Illustrator Christopher Nielsen

Cut to the Drummer – Art Show

Hopefully they’re good and we both enjoy them



I made a Welcome to Night Vale Dress! <3

I want to be a girl so bad right now…

Yup, I would wear this.