Big movements start with individuals. When many people make small changes in their personal lives, we create a place that’s safer and better for everyone. The Safer Community Pledge is a simple step people can take to stand up against sexual violence and harassment. We hope that this pledge encourages us to make small changes in our personal lives, and that it encourages us to continue discussing this critical issue.

You can take the pledge by sharing this post on your favorite social media site. By sharing, you’re committing to the following:

  • I pledge that I will always prioritize consent. I understand that consent is the presence of an enthusiastic yes rather than the absence of a no; and that consent cannot be given when someone is asleep or physically or mentally incapacitated.

  • I pledge that I will respect my partner’s wishes, and that I will not pressure or coerce them into doing anything that makes them uncomfortable.

  • I pledge to stand with survivors of sexual abuse or harassment by showing them compassion and respect.

  • I pledge to never blame the victim for any abuse they’ve experienced. Sexual violence is never the victim’s fault.

  • I pledge to admit when I make mistakes, and to apologize for my actions. When someone tells me that I’ve said something sexist, victim-blaming, or otherwise offensive, I pledge to be open to their words.

  • I pledge to support conversations surrounding sexual abuse and harassment in a way that is respectful of my needs and the needs of those I am speaking with.

  • I pledge to create safer communities, both online and off.

After taking the pledge, we encourage all of you to let us know why you did so! We’ll be sharing responses publicly throughout the campaign. We hope this sparks discussion and shows how much support there is for positive change.

Join the discussion and join the movement! Pledge to make a safer community. #SaferCommunityPledge for a #HealthyYoutube