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Got to hang out with some YouTube favourites today at Buffer Festival!

And it begins! #BufferFestival2014


Headed to bufferfestival this October? Catch a special screening of Frankenstein, MD hosted by berniesu

I am very much looking forward to attending this 🙂

I’m a bit behind on posting buffer festival stuff due to it being almost the end of term and an abundance of assignments but I thought I’d find time to post another set of pictures tonight.

Amanda and I had a lovely time meeting Karen Kavett last weekend! She was actually the first YouTuber we ran into on the street, which was a bit surreal, and we also went to her meetup. I had a really nice time chatting to her (and some of the other people who came to her meetup + volunteers) throughout her meetup. Plus it was fun to be in her video (which you can watch here). She was one of the people I was most looking forward to meeting because I really enjoy her design/crafty videos and she just seems like such a genuinely nice person.

Basically Buffer was awesome and I hope it happens again next year.


I just got back from Buffer Festival and put all the footage I took into a new second channel video before I forgot about it. Thanks so much to everyone who came to my meetup!

I’m totally in this! I’m glad you decided to go get timbits! Once again, it was awesome meeting you!

It was really nice to meet @coollike at @bufferfestival yesterday!


They were super nice and awesome and I enjoyed their show and their meet up.

Best day 🙂


Emma Approved at Buffer Festival

On November 9th at  Buffer Film Festival in Toronto,  Pemberley Digital will be doing something completely new. We will be screening a block of episodes of Emma Approved in advance.

We are planning to screen episodes 9-16 of Emma Approved at the festival which will cover the entire month 2 arc of the series.

Also in attendance will be Emma Woodhouse herself, Joanna Sotomura and head writer Bernie Su, who will be talking about the making of Emma Approved,  the evolution of the adaptation narrative from The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, and potentially some behind the scenes clips from the show.

The Emma Approved screening will be at TIFF Cinema 2 on Saturday Nov 9th, at 5:00pm.

Bernie and Joanna will be at a meetup earlier on Saturday at 1pm at the Toronto Convention Center

You can get your tickets here.

I will be there!