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no sadness



(by Old Chum)

I swear I’ve drempt of this tree-house before

Is it just me or do you get dreams about zombie apocalypse ALL THE TIME?!


Dear Merriam-Webster,


You can suck it, because he is the definition of love. And its root. And its origin.


His synonym

Almendra is so clever, and my favourite and also may laugh at the fact that I totally dreamed about tumblr in between dreaming about sleeping late and missing my Chemistry tutorial and learning about the Photoelectric Effect from the guy who discovered it in a thrift store with a demonstration that makes no sense now that I’m awake and then being chased (what?). Anyways, lets not actually be late for chemistry, kay?

Last night I had a dream that we were on a boat and then you gave me a mini banana because I was hungry, and when I opened it it was all mush but strangely not in a bad way, so I ate it even though I never eat bananas, and the boat was like a bus because you had to get off on your stop, and there was some sort of contest going on. But we were on a couch and you kissed me and told me silly things and poetry that wasn’t very good but was honest and peculiar and ironically poetic after all so I liked it anyway, and we both were laughing.

Then I woke up and realized I missed math class.







 I would run wildly down this leaf-covered lane squealing with joyful abandon if I could Apparate here, and then I would sit on that grassy green hillside behind the barn and stare at those trees until the day I died. 

   photo by Jim Block. I think.

(via vintagecottagefrench-deactivate)

This feels like an image out of the dreams of my childhood