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Got to hang out with some YouTube favourites today at Buffer Festival!




FOUR HOURS LEFT in dftba.com’s annual sale! Every order—even if you get all nine of these posters and ship them to Kuala Lumpur—ships for $3.

Above you’ll see some of my favorite posters available through DFTBA, but there’s much more at the site, from iphone cases to coffee mugs to t-shirts.


ONE HOUR! Move yur bunz

I designed that ‘This Star Won’t Go Out’ poster so you should jump on this.

I’m a bit behind on posting buffer festival stuff due to it being almost the end of term and an abundance of assignments but I thought I’d find time to post another set of pictures tonight.

Amanda and I had a lovely time meeting Karen Kavett last weekend! She was actually the first YouTuber we ran into on the street, which was a bit surreal, and we also went to her meetup. I had a really nice time chatting to her (and some of the other people who came to her meetup + volunteers) throughout her meetup. Plus it was fun to be in her video (which you can watch here). She was one of the people I was most looking forward to meeting because I really enjoy her design/crafty videos and she just seems like such a genuinely nice person.

Basically Buffer was awesome and I hope it happens again next year.


I just got back from Buffer Festival and put all the footage I took into a new second channel video before I forgot about it. Thanks so much to everyone who came to my meetup!

I’m totally in this! I’m glad you decided to go get timbits! Once again, it was awesome meeting you!



Karen Kavett

By me c:


This is exactly what I pictured when I said that.

oh lordy, I remember watching this before I started school

If only I had understood..


It’s finally here! After posting the original Don’t Break the Chain calendar design back in May, I’ve gotten questions almost every single day about if I’ll make a full-year version for 2013. And so, due to popular demand, here it is.

Download the PDF

If you’re new here and are completely lost about what it is all about, back in May, Charlie McDonnell posted a video called Don’t Break the Chain, where he shares the technique he uses to be sure he does a bit of work every day. He prints out calendars like these for each thing he wants to do, whether it’s work on a video or exercise, and for every day that he does that activity, he crosses off the day on the calendar. This creates a visual chain on the calendar so your motivation becomes seeing how long you can keep the chain going.

Good luck to everyone who uses this to motivate yourself, especially if it’s for one of your New Years Resolutions! If you can’t wait and want to get started now, you can still download the 2012 version from this blog post. And if you’ve been using that one since May, let me know on Twitter or Tumblr how it’s been going for you!

This is also the second to last day in my 12 Days of Christmas series, where I’ve been posting new content every single day for the 12 days leading up to Christmas Eve. Look out for a video on my YouTube channel tomorrow recapping the whole project, or if you want start getting caught up now, all of the previous entries are on my blog. Happy holidays!

Yay! Printing 3!

Midterms are over!

So today I decided to give the typography tracing project in Karen Kavett’s Graphic Design Without a Computer: Part 1 video!

Since I don’t currently have tracing paper I just traced the letters as accurately as I could using paper and pen.

Since I love color I pained in some of the negative space after 🙂

No big deal but Karen Kavett totally just replied to my comment on youtube.

I’m starting to feel less shy on there 🙂