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“West coast Wild Fennel”
michelle morin

Going to queue up a bunch of my photos since I haven’t really looked through many of the pictures I’ve taken in the last year and I don’t have time to go through throughly right now but look a peacock.

Photography Class 3

Model: Joanna Gutowska


Plage du Sillon @ Saint-Malo (Brittany) #2 | by .

I am making valentines heart stamps that say love (or have initials or another 4 letter word on them)

If you want one or to check out more pictures click the picture… or here.

To see my valentines card you can click this sentence.

Or just check out my shop, Cool Stuff I Want.


Felt art and clothing by Sarah-Maria, in the Australian rainforest at Mullumbimby.

“I love making these clothes and am very passionate about it, I hope people can enjoy them as much as I enjoy making them. It’s so much fun :)”

Reminds me of home.

I really like this selection of colors. Almost bought golden dragon a couple days ago.