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The result of accidentally making all my paint chips slightly too big…


I wish I had the time to do things like participate in ze’s missions and draw little comics, and edit photos and write amateur articles for tumblr. Make stamps and journal more and the rest of it. Things that just take little chunks of times and use creativity, and things that take more time like designing  tumblr theme and starting an etsy shop.

I recognize this wish and agree to put it mostly aside for the time being, because school is busy but worthwhile, and writing about stuff in the past can be as fun as the present, and I will always have more project ideas but that doesn’t mean I have to abandon the ones I have now. School is worth putting the time in to, and putting these projects aside for the time being, and I understand that and won’t punish myself for it.

And that doesn’t mean I can’t spend 5 minutes writing this, or doodling that, but my most precious projects may not get done, or very few may get done, and the things that do may just be because they flit through my mind at the right moment, and that’s okay for now.

Oh, and I like twitter so far…

Before the words “namby-pamby”, “weenie”, or “not the way they did things in my day” start flowing across your lips, take a look at these numbers:

2009-2010 (Before new approach)

798 suspensions (days students were out of school)
50 expulsions
600 written referrals
2010-2011 (After new approach)

135 suspensions (days students were out of school)
30 expulsions
320 written referrals
“It sounds simple,” says Sporleder about the new approach. “Just by asking kids what’s going on with them, they just started talking. It made a believer out of me right away



(via neil-gaiman)

This makes me both really sad and really hopeful. I hope more schools adopt this. There are some really great people making a difference in education out there.

I was just finding pictures of snakes

and lizards from Tipi Camp to show Adam who also likes snakes and lizards but it made me miss camp and that type of community and environment. At least I know I really loved it there and appreciated it. I still wish I could do the Young Adults program, but I’ll hit 21 before I’m done school. I don’t keep in great touch with those people, but they are dear to my heart.

P.S. I wish Clara still did her lovely little tumblr of the best drawings ever.


What Americans Keep Ignoring About Finland’s School Success