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“Dead Beats EP” is a new four-song EP by The Jellyfish Bandits.  
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1. A Blanket, A Six Pack / 2. Heaven is a Drag / 3. Time Machine / 4. Dead Beat

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This is the last line of one of my favourite songs: Who’s To Say – Vanessa Carlton


Perpetual Thoughts: I just realized


I watched Labyrinth with the boy the other night. I’d forgotten the level of awesomeness. I mean those puppets are freaking awesome.

By saving conversations and correspondence I’m really trying to capture the interactions between other people and myself. Connections and conversation and mood. Looking back sometimes I notice the way I conduct myself changes. I am more careful about some things and less about others as I grow up. I like everything to be saved because I wonder what there is of value there and if it may be of use one day. I want to leave breadcrumbs which show who I am and who I was and how I changed. Also, lately, I think it might be useful for writing characters. I have friends who are characters and who tell good stories and sometimes I tell good stories too.

looking through the legit buckyball I created