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The Strange Road & The Ladder | Jerry Morelli

These drawings are somewhat magical, and remind of my favourite types of childrens books. Perhaps the juxtaposition of whimsical and ordinary in what appears to be not a static image, but a piece of a story.


I think it would make everyone’s life a little better if we took time to plant things. I mean, the act of getting your hands dirty with earth and water and then patiently tending a fragile growing thing has got to be good for the soul. Plus, doesn’t the world need a little more patience, a little more nurturing? Things go fast fast fast all the time, and with speed comes haste and laziness, and soon things are done just to be done, with little care or consideration, and at that point the meanings attached to words, actions, projects and the like are easily forgotten, trimmed away for the sake of speed. I think the whole of earth could use a bit of a reality check, I mean, we need to get our priorities straight, myself included. It is so hard to see what is real when we speed along the way we do and contrived human notions surround us on a daily basis. Marketing, media and unspoken rules about what makes a good life. Phobias, greed, the cries for justice which so easily shift in to cries for war, blood. I understand that there are things worth fighting for, I really do, but I think we fight for silly things sometimes. We focus our attention on things that don’t matter. We isolate ourselves in order to avoid the conflicting emotions cause by empathy for those who are worse off than ourselves, and in turn feel jealous of those who we see as above ourselves in this social construct of our own imagining. And the thing is, when a vast majority of people believe in something, incredibly enough, it is very hard to distinguish from reality. It’s called the tinkerbell effect. I think children should be taught to plant things, instead of to tear them down. I mean, I think its time for us to choose some new things to believe in, this just isn’t working.