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Why would you teach physics the way it was discovered, instead of teaching it the way its understood?

Hour Physics

I miss shad too! (photo credit to Lucy Wang)


Conceptual Physics Costumes for Halloween

So it has been brought to my attention this summer that physics AND chemistry both claim quantum mechanics originates from within their subject. My favourite crazy physicist from UNB, Ben Newling, first came across quantum in chemistry, and that’s why he started out in that field. I always saw it from the physics side. Anyways, when I looked at my classes for Nanotech Engineering I was a little disappointed about the amount of physics, especially quantum mechanics, that is taught throughout my five years. Therefor, I was presently surprised that my third chemistry lecture was full of quantum mechanics, and even talks about the double slit experiment. I didn’t realize to the extent this is true until today. I pretty much spent all day deciphering the chemistry notes and examples my bogged down brain had been incapable of grasping on Friday. Gah, this is fantastic.