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John Green is at a conference at the Perimeter Institute

right now

That is so close.

My preordered copy of TFIOS still has not been signed or bookplated.

He is at a conference on education and social media with such awesome people as Vihart and CPG Grey. Not to mention Minute Physics.

I want to learn more about social media and education strategies and hang out with awesome people. Uncomferences seem awesome in general as well.

I have class and homework though, so no just hanging out at PI for me.

I really wish I could go to brainSTEM though.

This is blowing my mind.

I think I’ll just carry TFIOS around with me for the next two days.

WINano 7 hours 11 mins ago Twitter
Thanks Kamilah for an incredible job @WINano this term! From your team and friends at WIN
Why thank you! Consider this a tweet back.
Sushi today was delicious <3

This is a thing I made.

I created all the buckyball formations and photographed them myself. I also improved my Photoshop skills by attempting to separate them from the background/shadows. I used the magic wand, easy select, magnetic laso, circular selection tool, among other things. I also changed the images to black and white, and changed the exposure and gamma correction. Last of all, I created the composition. I printed a couple of these for TEDxUW tomorrow.