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Still think these are the coolest.


Someone should invent lenses that can be popped out and fit into a bunch of different frames. Because these would be so fun but not maybe the best for every job interview or every outfit ever. And you could just get multiple pairs of glasses but they’re expensive and over half of that is the lenses so bah.

Glasses pop art. The glasses were made for this project.

It has reached my attention I have yet to share my new glasses with the internets. Here they are, life is shifting from blue to green.

All dressed up for my interview at Deloitte today.

New Haircut, New Glasses, New Town, New School

Yes, tomorrow I am moving to Waterloo in order to attend UW and take Nanotechnology Engineering. Today I got a hair cut from my aunt Monet in Vantown, who, once again, did a wonderful job. She also coloured some of my hair blue, but in this transit shot the colour is mostly hiding. It’s called a peek-a-boo. blue. (rhyming tee hee)