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Notes to self


Golden snitch necklace.


Is my user name on Pottermore!

Does everyone have numbers?

I picked this one out of the options because of Hazel from TFIOS. Although I do like the sound of it as well.

Last time I tried to sign up the beta was still somewhat closed i guess. This looks much cooler than the Hunger Games game and websites which I signed up for and then promptly gave up on since things weren’t working write and the fb game seemed like the worst parts of online gaming (limited energy meters for exploration based games are literally the worst, they still suck on puzzle games, but much much less)

Woo, tangent, anyways, anyone have Pottermore related info that they want to share with me?



I forgot how much I loved Harry Potter until reading this again. I can’t believe I forgot. It’s kind of funny actually, because I’ve been thinking lately about how the books really worth reading are gritty. What is the point unless something happens, unless theres change and resistance to it, unanswerable questions, inner turmoil. Impact. Unless people choose wrong and suffer for it. For these are as much apart of life as joy, euphoria, self-discover, love, fulfilment and the rest of the desirables. The negatives magnify the positives. The negatives shape us, force us to grow, adapt, learn, live. What sort of story do you have left if you skip all of that? (twilight? ahem..) And here I was forgetting that Harry Potter was not a simple, root for the good guys kind of story, just because it’s so popular. Geeeeeeeeeze. Now I remember it made me feel deep things.