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Going to queue up a bunch of my photos since I haven’t really looked through many of the pictures I’ve taken in the last year and I don’t have time to go through throughly right now but look a peacock.

Some feather stamps I made

EDIT: I have now opened an etsy shop called Cool Stuff I Want to Buy, you can buy stamps like this in the Stamps – Nature section of the shop!





This is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen.

How is it half albino :/

It’s not albino, it’s pied.  It’s a genetic pattern mutation, kind of like a calico cat is a combination of orange and black (and maybe other color) genes.  I just took a class on genetics, so this kinda makes sense to me, but I’m not sure if it clarifies for anyone else: http://www.leggspeafowl.com/basicgenetics.htm

I should remember this, I was doing genetics in biology last year lol

Too Cool!

Aren’t these lovely? So many pretty things.

Drooling all over peacock accessories from etsy