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In a similarily optimistic post

scheduling and recording every minute of my time feels somewhat like my life is being reduced to a checklist in some of my darker moments.

Unfortunately, it’s hard to focus on time management without pondering time.

I’m feeling slightly adrenaliney now, so I’m going to eat my chilli before it gets any worse (hopefully).

Plan of Action, lets try this again

Part 1: Today’s Task

Okay, so here’s the deal, if I actually finish the quite simple task of studying for my philosophy exam, aside from the summary of the court case in mindscan by 10:30 then I give myself permission to start (although probably not finish) one of the projects on my craft list, which may or may not be shared with tumblr depending on the Christmas related secrecy of chosen project.

Part 2: Sleep and Exercise

If I go to sleep earlier then, or around 12:30 and get up before 9:30 I give myself permission to play wii for half an hour after breakfast. Although this may have to be adjusted due to Adam being back.

Part 3: Tomorrow’s Tasks

Before lunch, start and ideally complete another chapter of physics. Try to find a more, how do I say this, um QUICK, way of reviewing the textbook.

After lunch, start reviewing the first half of calculus before that exam sneaks up on me.

After arriving back in Waterloo, write a summary of the court preceding in mindscan and practice my amino acids (Don’t forget my flash cards ever again!)

Hopefully more than this will be completed, but even doing this amount will hopefully make me believe I will be able to adequately prepare myself for exams.

Part 4: Exam Protocol

Sleep by midnight, up by nine. My exam isn’t until 11, so review the prep I did for philosophy, eat breakfast etc. in between then and the exam. Also be prepared to go to the bank afterwards in order to get some bank related tasks out of the way. After the exam/bank I will reward myself with bubble tea. and possibly Chocolate. mmmmm.

That’s about as far ahead as I can think, but the basic outline for the rest of midterms is:

Study Calc and BioChem

Take Calc Exam

Study BioChem

Take BioChem Exam

Study Materials and PHYSICS

Take Materials Exam

Study Physics

Take Physics Exam

*Note* The spacing between exams is not even, thus the clumping of subjects

Somewhere in there I’ll have to pack and move my stuff, get a book for the plane, read a bit of the book mom got for me, but you know, that’s the gist.

This would be easier if the internet wasn’t so fun.


I think I need to screencap this. Especially “SAY ‘NO’ MORE OFTEN.”

It’s always good to have one or two of these lists around

Dear Google Calandar,

I am sorry to inform you that I will be using you less then we both expected. As much as I love using you and/or paper agendas to write down every little thing that happens in my life it simply can not be done. I’d rather be doing things than writing in that detail, even about all the good things that happen. We’re way past the point where every positive human interaction I have needs to be recorded, date and time and who said what, aren’t we? Whatever the answer, we will be over it now, okay? Don’t feel rejected, for you are a very useful program and I will continue to use you for time management, and to add entries when I feel like it, plus to keep track of school deadlines, events, homework etc. But the time you were taking up before is just too much, so I will be refining my usage. Journaling etc. should be something enjoyable, not stressful. So I’ll agree to let go if you do too, alright?



I hope one day I will be brave enough to live life without feeling the constant need to record and remember every thing which happens.

As it is I freaked out when Google Calender crashed. I fret over lost contact info and a lack of organization.

This type of stress is unnecessary but I honestly feel like the root cause is that I love life so much I don’t want to forget any of it.

Then again, maybe I’m just afraid.