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This video really spoke to me. I felt like I was listening to a more forthcoming and empathetic version of my inner dialogue. Different things are difficult for different people and that is something we should be accepting and supportive of. Recognizing these patterns in ourselves and forgiving ourselves for not finding something easy allows us to focus on getting better at facing those challenges, and celebrating our progress instead of beating ourselves up for not being perfect. Being empathetic to others’ challenges helps them reach the same conclusions and can give them strength to embark on those same journeys.


Who likes food?

I have a new blog project if anyone is interested (also if no one is interested, your interest level doesn’t actually influence whether or not the blog exists). Basically it’s a blog dedicated to cooking while in school (I’m counting co-op as a part of school). So, back to the if you’re interested part, you can find it at Cooking and Chemistry. Enjoy! … I mean, Bon Appetit!

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yesterday I went to a costume party and Dr. Horrible AND Captain Hammer were there. it kind of made my night. or was a contributing factor anyways.

Pshhh, last night was just good overall. But still, NPH FTW!

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If everyone contributes, things get done, yet even when it feels like no one else is contributing, it’s still worth doing what you can, because if no one did anything because no one else was doing anything absolutely nothing would get done. The more people who decide to make positive impact on the world, the better.


Elena, a six-year-old with brain cancer had only a little time left to live. So with her last months on earth she decided to leave behind a multitude of notes for her younger sister and parents. She hid the notes around the house in books and CD cases. And after she passed away the parents discovered hundreds of these notes around their house. Often with pictures and phrases like “I love you Mom, Dad and Grace.”

This is really touching, you can read more about it here, and even buy a book with some of the notes in it.

This is so beautiful and sad and lovely that I cried

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I would be very happy there.

It’s okay though, I’m happy here too, with Nature Girl, Runaways, Sea Star and How to Be Good piled up by my bed

Today I sang

for the music teacher. He said I had a good ear and a good range. I sang a part of Cannonball, pretty well I believe, since my voice was warmed up from two hours of practising Christmas carols. He also asked me how I was doing, which is always nice to hear, and I’m happy to report all is well. I told him how happy I am to be in choir, but he said he already knew, I always look happy to be there. I’m getting very very excited for footloose, and hoping desperately for a singing part. Please please pleaseeee. In fact, I’m going to finish memorizing my lines for Treasure Island this weekend, to show my seriousness.

Wish me luck 🙂