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The Unspoken Rules of Good Improv

1. Say yes to everything
2. Stay in character
3. Act on whims, impulse and intuition
4. Raise the stakes
5. Think outside the box

I think there is a real life parallel here

1. Take opportunities, try new things, welcome change
2. Be yourself
3. Do things that frighten you, deviate from your routine
4. Do big things with your life (small things can be big things)
5. Question everything, be an independent thinker, think critically

Of COURSE I would rather get hurt than hurt my laptop. Healthcare is FREE, I have to PAY to fix my laptop.

hallway walker

So I asked if we could stay in this room for our second hour of class but they said no… So we’ll stay unless someone kicks out, in which case we will go to the other room.


I don’t miss my old school exactly, more look back upon it fondly.

That was a close call! Of course I’d rather hurt myself than my laptop! Health insurance is free.. I’d have to pay to get my laptop fixed!

random guy in the hallway

I am here because when my dad was young he had a meditation that started in the middle and extended within and without to the reaches of our universe and came around again in a size-less loop where the entirety of infinity was contained in a single atom, and ever since I have been caught in the complexion and perplexity of all that there is and isn’t, is known and unknown, and will be.

I love white boards!