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30 Day Challenge – Day 2: Favorite Animal

His nose is a bit short, but I still think he’s pretty cute.

30 Day Challenge – Day 1: Yourself

I decided to go along with the Halloween theme and draw myself in my corpse bride costume. The photo I used as a reference is the second picture in this blog post.

Happy Halloween!

Mo most corpse bridish face.

Also, look how shimmery the blue eyeliner is! I loveee the colour!

I made this DFTBA stamp a couple weekends ago. I thought it may be good for wrapping paper and notes as well as generally spreading awesome, but then I had an idea to make this print for my wall, so I don’t forget to be awesome. It’s hard to tell in the picture but I used metallic silver and gold pigment ink (Ink it Up!), a silver paint pen for the ‘Don’t Forget to be Awesome’ lettering, and red, blue and green Staedtler triplus gel-liners for outlining some stuff. I also used a ruler as aguide so that the spacing was relatively even/straight (Okay, so I didn’t do that the first time, and I had to redo it, but I think it looks pretty good now!)

EDIT: I have now opened an etsy shop called Cool Stuff I Want to Buy, you can buy stamps like this in the Stamps – Nerdfighteria section of the shop!

Thinking about trying this. Not on a day to day basis, but you know, adapted to an engineering student’s schedual

So, this is a thing that happened. I danced around with this guy’s wand for a good 15 minutes repeatedly tapping people on the head with it and waving it back and forth magically while I admired his crown and its floatyness.

My too small corpse bride dress was craftily laced up with white ribbon. I love Halloween!