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Like any good 50 cent song, biology is just about sex, and not dying.

Hank Green


Your Daily Bowie: bed version 2.0, he snuck into my spot in the bed! What a rascal!

but look at his little face, it’s just the picture of innocence


” if you can dream it you can do it “ walt disney

Now here is my problem with Disney princesses, they instill this idea into young girls that the most worthwhile thing they can dream of is romantic love. Five out of the six gifs portraying girls focus on finding their “prince charming.” It’s my personal opinion that this should not be the focus of young children’s entertainment. And don’t get me wrong, I know that people of all sorts of ages watch these movies, but we shouldn’t forget that they’re targeted at kids. I’m also not saying that there should never be princes, or love stories, I just think it’s ridiculous that that is the primary focus of so many kids movies. I mean, when I was seven or eight, I don’t think about boys like that at all, I was much more interested in playing with cars in the dirt and catching caterpillars and reading about balloon trees and cloud breathing dragons and talking animals and magical quests. These things are sometimes in Disney movies too, but they’re almost always focused on boys. Boys are expected to be the heroes, and the brave and valiant knights, the kids who want to float away on baloons.

That is simply an unfair and inaccurate division of childhood. Girls want to be heroes too, girls are tired of waiting for princes.

It just makes me mad some time.


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I made this bookmark like a long time ago but yes DFTBA

for ms. kamilah <3

I love Dana <3