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MCM 4: Divergent, Insurgent, Allegiant

I read these because I saw the trailer for divergent and I wanted to check out the movie, but not before reading the book (since the book is usually better anyways). I wasn’t disappointed. I think it’s an interesting world and I liked the characters. I was proud of myself for reading something that was upsetting and addressed death so much without becoming anxious or panicked. It felt like I had some control over what I could enjoy instead of being too fragile to watch or read anything that might be upsetting. However, I finished Allegiant two days ago and I still feel pretty heart broken. The last time I think I cried so hard during reading a book was my first time through TFIOS. I don’t know how they will make that last novel into a movie it’s so heartbreaking. I did find an interview with the author where she discussed her rational for the heartbreaking-est bit but I still tried to find fan fiction that ended it differently, to put my poor heart at ease (I normally don’t read fan fiction so this was stretching for me, I actually also did this with Life Unexpected).

My feelings are all jumbled up inside my throat still.

I really did enjoy divergent though, even if the other two were a bit upsetting.

I wouldn’t have written that ending though. I still don’t want to believe it.

Only a few hours left to get this beautiful poster in support of Project for Awesome.

I mean for godsake this is only the poster and I’m almost tearing up.

Get it and other awesome stuff here: http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/project-for-awesome—2

I don’t want to write my work term report.

I wish I did it earlier.

I feel stressed about organizing things, and completing the large number of tasks I feel are imposed on me right now (mostly by myself.)

I am tired.

I made the choices that led to me not being finished this despite it being due in 16 hours.

I am not even close.

I am frustrated by the format.

I am frustrated by being unsure of the marking criteria.

I feel like my writing is too informal, and I don’t know what tense to use. Everything just sounds awkward.

There are so many words in my document but are they the right ones?

I don’t want to deal with images and captions and lists of tables.

I do not want to hunt down a ‘non-internet’ resource.

How do you site blogs in IEEE format?