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MCM 12: Summary (At least so far)

It was pretty nice to let out my feelings about all these stories that I enjoyed (most of the time). I think I empathize very strongly with just about anything which is why I often find myself clinging on to this stuff. I really enjoy stories, but sometimes I find it hard to focus or move on or not cling to the sad and happy stuff. Especially when I read, I almost feel like I’m in a daze, half absorbed into the imagined world when I read something. Though I’ve found this happens more often with tv now that there’s Netflix and I can marathon seasons of a show.

Anyways I have lots of feelings.

I hope you enjoyed my ramblings. I wrote them all in a single night, so I’m not sure if there will be more in the future or not, as I didn’t really form a habit or anything.

Though I can guarantee there will be more inelegantly explained  drawn out text posts about my feelings and stuff that’s sticking on my brain making me feel happy or dazed or anxious. That’s what perpetual thoughts is really all about after all 😉

Thanks for following along guys <3

MCM 4: Divergent, Insurgent, Allegiant

I read these because I saw the trailer for divergent and I wanted to check out the movie, but not before reading the book (since the book is usually better anyways). I wasn’t disappointed. I think it’s an interesting world and I liked the characters. I was proud of myself for reading something that was upsetting and addressed death so much without becoming anxious or panicked. It felt like I had some control over what I could enjoy instead of being too fragile to watch or read anything that might be upsetting. However, I finished Allegiant two days ago and I still feel pretty heart broken. The last time I think I cried so hard during reading a book was my first time through TFIOS. I don’t know how they will make that last novel into a movie it’s so heartbreaking. I did find an interview with the author where she discussed her rational for the heartbreaking-est bit but I still tried to find fan fiction that ended it differently, to put my poor heart at ease (I normally don’t read fan fiction so this was stretching for me, I actually also did this with Life Unexpected).

My feelings are all jumbled up inside my throat still.

I really did enjoy divergent though, even if the other two were a bit upsetting.

I wouldn’t have written that ending though. I still don’t want to believe it.

Still thinking about these two

Looking at your entire dashboard…

…is a bad habit to get into because then you’ll miss a few days and get 40 pages in and still not be caught up and miss a few more days and lose all hope of catching up. However, you may still stumble across your most feminist friend reblogging something worthwhile, and the most fantastic, wonderful thing that is Ze Frank’s new show, and then remember you can check James, and Stephane, and Almendra, and the Vlogbrothers, and Neil Gaiman, and the girl who draws cat comics, and the girl who draws hunger games and avengers comics, and philolzophy and and and then you realize why it is that you don’t want to miss posts, everyone you follow is effing awesome.

But still, calm down, check some favorites, and feel happy that there are too many great and beautiful and thoughtful things in the world for you to be able to observe them all.

Plus, you encountered a squirrel that lives in a nest in a tree practically in your front yard today, and it’s unlikely you could’ve found that on the internet.