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Photoshop doesn’t do well with light pressure recognition. Making thick-to-thin strokes requires a lot more fidelity than would even be necessary with a proper sable brush and ink in meatspace. It blows out pressure at the low end and makes soft lines blobby as hell.

You can combat this by turning off the lowest pressure settings of your tablet at the driver level, but you shouldn’t have to. I want a brush engine that senses those slight variances and accurately translates them.

It’s possible. Manga Studio, which I’ve used for inking since about 2006, does a stellar job at light pressure translation. Getting feathered strokes that look like they came from my Raphael 8404 #4 sable brush is no harder than inking in the real world. Painter does a pretty good job of this too. At the very least, both allow you to tweak how the brush engine interprets your strokes on a per-brush-setting basis instead of using a sledgehammer on a finishing nail by leaving you with an only recourse of neutering your full range of pressure sensitivity at the driver level.

Photoshop, Illustrator, and Flash all exhibit this problem. I don’t know if it’s an interpolation/smoothing issue or something larger, but I do know that the result is shitty lines.

Since around the time of the Photoshop CS6 Beta, I’ve been attempting to create a brush that combats these shortcomings by dropping out some of the lowest pressure mark-making with a combination of flow and texture settings. The result is a brush that, while not 100% opaque at the lightest marks, provides a hell of a lot more fidelity and control.

This is a quick video of the brush in action. Below is a download link for the latest test version of the brush’s Tool Preset.


Illustrator Ray Frenden just made your life a lot easier with his Photoshop brush tool presets. Say thank you. 

There goes Drawn! my favourite blog before tumblr being awesome. Can’t wait to check this out.

Looking at your entire dashboard…

…is a bad habit to get into because then you’ll miss a few days and get 40 pages in and still not be caught up and miss a few more days and lose all hope of catching up. However, you may still stumble across your most feminist friend reblogging something worthwhile, and the most fantastic, wonderful thing that is Ze Frank’s new show, and then remember you can check James, and Stephane, and Almendra, and the Vlogbrothers, and Neil Gaiman, and the girl who draws cat comics, and the girl who draws hunger games and avengers comics, and philolzophy and and and then you realize why it is that you don’t want to miss posts, everyone you follow is effing awesome.

But still, calm down, check some favorites, and feel happy that there are too many great and beautiful and thoughtful things in the world for you to be able to observe them all.

Plus, you encountered a squirrel that lives in a nest in a tree practically in your front yard today, and it’s unlikely you could’ve found that on the internet.


I’ve realized lately that I’m really not that interested in a lot of things that show up on my dashboards. So today I decided to clean up the list of blogs I followed. I unfollowed blogs that don’t post anymore but that I still like, and saved them in bookmarks. I did the same thing with blogs that post a lot of things I like, or things I like but don’t feel like seeing right now. It feels good to get rid of some of the gifs and reblogging type sites, even though I enjoyed their content from time to time. Hopefully I will now be able to see more artwork, and posts written by my friends, and blog-owner-created-content. I’m actually quite excited about this, my dashboard is going to be fantastic, yet I’ll still be able to easily find any of the blogs I like which post hoards of photographs, quotes etc. Yippee!


Let’s Make Stuff: Print Gocco! – rottencupcakes

this new (2 me) blog is so cuuuute!

Oh man, I also adore this. Thanks for sharing Dana!