Looking at your entire dashboard…

…is a bad habit to get into because then you’ll miss a few days and get 40 pages in and still not be caught up and miss a few more days and lose all hope of catching up. However, you may still stumble across your most feminist friend reblogging something worthwhile, and the most fantastic, wonderful thing that is Ze Frank’s new show, and then remember you can check James, and Stephane, and Almendra, and the Vlogbrothers, and Neil Gaiman, and the girl who draws cat comics, and the girl who draws hunger games and avengers comics, and philolzophy and and and then you realize why it is that you don’t want to miss posts, everyone you follow is effing awesome.

But still, calm down, check some favorites, and feel happy that there are too many great and beautiful and thoughtful things in the world for you to be able to observe them all.

Plus, you encountered a squirrel that lives in a nest in a tree practically in your front yard today, and it’s unlikely you could’ve found that on the internet.