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MCM 11: Dear Lemon Lima

I watched this movie with my mom and we both couldn’t help but notice it had a lot of similarities to Moonrise Kingdom (which I found dark enough to be upsetting, although I could see the merit of it) in aspects such as pacing, colour, music and even themes. I wasn’t sure what to think of it at first but I was surprised to find I actually quite liked it.

I think my enjoyment was largely due to the portrayal of Philip. When I was about 12 I’m pretty sure I viewed boys almost exactly the way Philip actually was: like they would treat me differently (better) when it was just me then when we were in groups (where I was often ignored). Or in other words, they were often willing to treat me poorly on behalf of their image. And I definitely had lots of experiences with boys that support this belief (I don’t think I even really shook this feeling until university). Maybe that’s the reason I enjoyed watching Vanessa realize Phillip wasn’t worth her time.

You go girl.

MCM 9: Parental Guidance

This was just a funny family movie I watched with my mom when she was sick. However, it turned out to be much better than either of us expected. The balance of zany family, progressive parenting methods, technology illiteracy, genuinely funny jokes and heartwarming bonding moments was just right.

So I recommend this one for something genuinely light and funny, to watch with your family or by yourself, regardless of age.

MCM 7: Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl gets a mention because it’s probably the worst thing I’ve watched on Netflix ever. (Unless the iSteve ‘documentary’ was on there in which case that was – but I didn’t finish that so it doesn’t really count).

However, I’m pretty far into it now, and I must say, no matter my low opinion I really want Blair and Chuck to end up together. They are definitely the most interesting part of the show.

I think in real life girls like Serena aren’t well liked but I don’t know if that’s because of their bad luck, or the way media encourages female animosity, or because they make the same mistakes over and over without learning and that wears on even the most patient friends and lovers. Maybe girls like her don’t really exist anyways.

P.S. I cheated and checked who gossip girl was like 6 episodes in and now I notice all the places it lines up and doesn’t and that’s probably the second best part of watching after antagonizing over Blair/Chuck.

P.S.S. I think what makes this show bad is that pretty much all the characters are unlikeable, often on a lot of levels.

MCM 5: Downton Abbey

I probably wouldn’t have watched this show if not for my parents. However, we were looking for something none of us had seen that had good reviews to watch over Christmas and this turned out to be it. I’ve spent several of the episodes organizing my computer and playing iPhone games but I enjoy the show none the less. It is sort of sad and weighty seeing the highlights (more often sad than not) of lives going by so quickly in a time that is not that distant and yet almost entirely unrecognizable from our own. Similar to the feeling I got walking around one of these grand old houses on a school trip one time. However, the characters are complex and interesting, and I enjoy their imperfections. Even those characters who you love to hate have redeeming qualities, whether wit, or patience or honour.

I probably like Anna best, though I am also, of course, taken with any handsome young gentleman that get screen time.

And I must admit Mary has grown on me throughout it all. (Then again so has Granny so maybe that doesn’t mean much).

MCM 2: Californication

This is one of the raunchier shows I’ve watched and I liked it enough to watch all the seasons on Netflix but not enough to watch on any further.

Despite all the crazy stuff that goes down and how many times everyone effs up their own lives and relationships I can’t help but feel that the love between the main characters is true. And despite the questionable character of the main characters, so to speak, they forgive each other over and over again. They forgive more than average, even healthy relationships can often withstand. And I don’t think it’s due to a lack of self worth or caring either, it really is motivated by love. That was probably my favourite thing about the show, seeing people misstep in idiotic, sometimes self destructive, ways and then that they loved one another enough to forgive and move forward.

Also Becca is pretty kick ass. So is Mia when she’s not being psychotic.

Strong (and weak) and complex female characters? Yes please.

MCM 1: Life Unexpected

This is one of the shows I tore through in mere days. It’s one of my favorites as far as on-a-whim Netflix shows. The last season became a bit grating but in general I liked the way everyone tried so hard, regardless of failing or struggling or messing things up. I don’t want to include any spoilers but I will just say I was very disjointed not to see a certain person who’s name starts with E in the end of the season finale.

The count of student/teacher relationships starts at 1.


Perpetual Thoughts: Life Unexpected